Bird Watching


Bird Watching

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Bird watching in Dandeli can be real fun! Observing live birds cooping in their natural habitats is a popular pastime and even a scientific sport for a few. You can watch them blank-eyed or through a telescope and camera, clicking the moments all the while you have great thrill.

Since this place harbors a variety of common and uncommon birds thronging the area from all over the globe, a person, who is particularly having a bird watching hobbyand who is interested in the feathered species, is sure to gather an unparalleled experience for a lifetime.

Here is a to-do list, which, if followed, will improve your bird watching in Dandeli manifold:

  • Birds are extremely sensitive when it comes to catching up on sounds and vibrations. So, be quiet and noiseless as much as possible. Trying to get too close to a birdie may also ruin the timing;as they instantly fly to cover up.
  • Birds of the same species will never wander alone. So, if you hear a single bird whistling, then quietly follow it and you would eventually lead to a flock of the same. Interesting, isn’t it? But that’s how birds dwell.
  • Try studying the habitat, which means the space where a certain flock commonly resides, it may be a large open field (preferred by the Meadowlarks) or trees (liked by the Woodpeckers). Next time, you will know where to look for a particular kind of bird, when you gauge one.
  • You can also study insect life while doing this activity of bird watching in Dandeli.


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