Camera Trap Studies


Camera Trap Studies

Great Captures And Raptures!

Your camera says it all! Even what our naked eye is unable to catch, the camera lens traps it certainly. So, this is what we mention as camera trap studies! We focus on something and click but the other activities surrounding the major view get also hitched. So, when we are highlighting a bird nestling its young ones, there might be a wild lizard lathering at the back. All this can be ordained only through a camera feat. You can discuss and enjoy these captures when you go back and retire to our comfy cottages among family and friends.

For professional photographers and also hobbyists, this place is agreat treasure for some of the most amazing clicks. There won’t be a lack of moments, which you won’t like to trap while doing your camera trap studies at this homestay.

Be it the scenic beauty entrapping the transparent running waters of the stream or the tall trees and bushes hiding the vibrant fauna within, every moment is worth capturing! You will simply be awed by the memories after you leave. Studying the minute details from the pictures can be amusing and full of surprises that will depart you from the artificial world that we live in at least for some time.


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