Jungle Safari


Jungle Safari

Venture Into The Adventure! 

Jungle safaris are delightful adventures that both children and adults enjoy equally. Watching the animals and birds in their natural habitatsis always pleasant, and is always a mesmerizing sight to behold. Observing varying species of flora and fauna is a mystifying experience in itself, and the escapade turns valuable when there is a professional guide to tell the tales. At our homestay at Kasarwadi in Joida near Dandeli, trained local guides are available to accompany you, wherever you go. Inhabited by a variety of common and rare endemic species of birds, reptiles, and butterflies, this all-natural wonder turns out to be all the more enlightening and mesmerizing, the deeper you soak into it.

Wildlife safari is a sort of feat, which one accomplishes through explored and unexplored trails, discovering the non-spoilt natural vista by walking, hiking, or trekking. At thisjungle safari in Dandeli, we, however, board the sturdy jeeps flanked by trained forest officers for protection from any mishap.

You can see the animals moving around freely without harming you. The naturally dense greenery that the jungle safari at Dandeli flourishes is home to colorful birds and butterflies, chirping and whipping playfully all around. The creatures, which you have only caught on television and books, are present right before youreyes like a thrilling episode. Do not forget to captivate all these moments in your camera, as these are special memoirs, which would bring cheer to your face whenever you glance at them.


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