Nature Trail


Nature Trail

In The Excitement, You Sail! 

Natural paths are traversing through the forestry, in a manner that allows the pedestrians to get a broader look at the variety of flora and fauna here. Wild Kasarwadi can be enjoyed with the nature trail activities, as it is home to a plethora of species covering different creatures, so visualizing them while walking, stopping gaping at certain instances, and enjoying the mood at your own pace is a liberating ordeal, as you make it.

Imagine a youthful, rejuvenating morning walk amidst all greenery, when you absorb the freshness of the surroundings, be it the air or sound of the creatures, the feeling is unspeakably impressive.

While enjoying the nature trail activities here at Kasarwadi homestay in Joida near Dandeli, you can get as close to nature as you desire since you are on foot and walking through the roads, which gives you maximum exposure of Mother Earth to abundance. However, be careful of snakes and other crawlers.

You will also get the local guide, who would be responsible for your safety as well as will delight you with all the knowledge that he has about this green canvas. The journey becomes all the more exciting if you are trailing along with your friends and family. You can enjoy the companionship of the natural beings while discussing and sharing echoes among yourselves.


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