Outdoor Breakfast


Outdoor Breakfast

Nature Is Served In Our Platter! 

‘Al Fresco’, an Italian term, means ‘outdoor eating’, the question is why do people prefer to eat outside under the wide sky, amidst the chirping birds and breezy air? That is because, when you are not enclosed in a room, then the circulation of stale air and the smell of food, drinks, perfume, and so on do not cloud your lungs. You breathe free and feel rejuvenated.

The food also tastes amazing because of the fresh preparation and your uplifted spirit. Just imagine yourself, enjoying your morning tea while gazing far into the horizon where the woodland seems to stroke the sky.

The weather is pleasant and the pleasantness of fresh morning oxygen conformingly is going to push out the toxicity from your system and fill you with a newer feeling. People, who are health freaks, should not miss out on this opportunity of outdoor breakfast that we offer. Long nature walks at the onset of dawn and then taking a lukewarm bath following it, one can settle down under the affluence of nature and hog its prosperity like never before. Away from the honking vehicles and outcry of the vegetable vendors, this novel approach feels pacifying and pleasing.


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