Romantic Candlelight Dinner


Romantic Candlelight Dinner

Eat To Treat All Your Senses!

A romantic candlelight dinner is special and particularly, when you wish to impress your partner, showcasing the romantic side, one must give this a shot! This place in Kasarwadi can also be counted as a great destination for newly marrieds. The natural setup, with an outdoor dinner arrangement, incorporating scented candles, flowers, and music to suit the mood, is an added flavor for the tourists, planning to visit this quaint forestry at our homestay.

At this homestay, you, as a partner, can feel free to express your desire for adorning the space, the way you wish.


Our experienced assistants will help you with the same, prioritizing your preferences. Awaken your spirits with the dreamy elegance of a romantic evening, infused with the fragrance of fresh flowers, favorite food, drinks, and absorbing music. A dating scene can be as befitting here, unlike within closed walls. Do not fail to experience this beautiful chance by at our homestayand gazeat your better-half unusually.


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