Special Bush Dinners


Special Bush Dinners

Scrumptious Tastes With Breathtaking Views! 

The concept of special bush dinners has arisen from native Africans, who love to dance and sing in tandem with the sound or vibrations of the untamed bushes around. Couples and families can enjoy sitting at a long banquet table or small arrangements, according to preference, under the blanket of a star-studded sky. Soothing the atmosphere in the middle of nature, away from the sophisticated enclosures of high-end restaurants, this spectacular disposition by the organizers in Kasarwadi is sure to entice you differently.

Additionally, the politenessof the servicemen of our homestay is gratifying. Pure amusement is what this calls for! The open-air concept is innovative, and infuses a certain spiritual glimmer amidst the manifestation of the local generic sounds and the dense black greenery.


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