Village Visit


Village Visit

Visit And Learn! 

Kasarwadi is a place where not only the plentitude of endemic species of flora and fauna thrive, but the local villagers are also a definition of traditional living. There is abundance, and only little scope of artificial or machinery influence, and this can be seen in the modest life of the village residents here in Dandeli. If you are an avid traveler, who likes to learn about the cultures, and day-to-day lives of the locals harboring the place, then this village visit should not be missed.

The village too has its collection of useful herbs and animals and a reflection of rural India, which you can explore and learn immensely from.

The locals can also be called naturalists, as they possess a wealth of information about the forest and its inhabitants. They can also suggest your nature walks and trails while you do not forget which path to take. The intricacies of each creature, be it a plant or animal, the way they live, what is their habitual performances, and from where you can see them the best can all be suggested by the locals as well along with the trained resort personnel.


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