Wild Life Presentations


Wild Life Presentations

Your Search For Nature Ends Here! 

Most of us have watched the captivating wildlife series relayed on the Discovery channel and other such channels. Have you ever wondered if this could be watched live? Then your search ends here, as the homestay at Kasarwadiin Joida near Dandeli is a naturalistically planned beauty that entraps the untamed flora and fauna for visual treats, which every eco-freak yearns for. The natural habitat of this unusual mix of plants and animals resting in Kasarwadi is a step towards preserving the wonders of God’s creations from wiping away.

Breathing among these beautiful origins, which are miraculous and add to the glory of our co-existence on Earth, is a great familiarity that you would like to immerse into time and again.

Here, in Kasarwadi, this is a place that connects with the pulse of the tourists, as we have guides and naturalists, who can demonstrate live wildlife presentationshere through their experience and in-depth insights of the wild beings. Since they live in the wilderness; they are more akin to their lifestyles. Here, at this homestay,it is our pertinent effort to project this natural habitat of plants and animals as a protective land for the creatures and a place to explore and attach oneself with these fellow beings.


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