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Reasons To Choose Homestays

We might have spent most of our childhood visiting hotels in every new city that we visited. We wondered each time how is this hotel different from the one we have visited before, but however, we go through for the ride. Visiting from one hotel to another, we would tend to leave out a major competitor- homestay.  Regarding publicity, it is very difficult for a homestay to compete with a mega-corporation hotel franchise. And in their core, they aren’t meant to compete with hotels. They provide their own niche characteristics that hotels simply cannot.
There’s a reason why people says: ‘Home is where the heart is.’ To think up, the amazing sound of the word ‘home’ brings a lovely sense of affection to our hearts and calls up the sentiment of love and pleasure.
Many travelers are looking for more authentic tourism experiences, and where better to expose true local culture than in people’s homes? Homestays are growing into a popular form of hospitality and lodging where travelers sleep in the home of a local family and for a moment become part of their lifestyle.
  1. The Best way to live.
When you stay in a homestay you knowledge something that you won’t in other forms of accommodation, not only do you meet the local people, you get to live with them too. It’s the way to live a destination, not just visit it. During your stay, you’ll attain all about the local cultures and customs you can’t find in standard travel guides. No one knows about a place better than the local residents. By staying with locals you have access to the best information about the place.
  1. Enjoy the local cuisine
Nothing honestly matches up to the warmness of home-cooked meals. The best part about staying in a homestay is doubtlessly the delicious home-cooked food. It allows you to know the local cuisine and even learn what goes into the preparation. As most hosts are willing to share secret recipes with you.  In hotels, the food you get are generally not as bona fide and regional.  After all, it is typically westernized to suit the fundamental taste of visitors.
  1. Value for money
Hotels have become overpriced.  Specially during peak seasons, hotels could charge you at premium.  However, homestays offers a clean and budget alternative. Homestays are great value for money.
  1. Contribute to local economy
Homestays are simple start-ups run by local families to multiply their family income. Staying in homestays is a good form to contribute directly to local families.
  1. Forming unexpected friendship
Homestay owners tend to be friendly and loquacious .so the conversations are entertaining and enlightening.
  1. Memories forever
Homestays are pleasant for everyone, whether you are travelling with friends, partner or with children! You’d actually make more memories while dwelling in a home-stay than you could have imagined though staying at a hotel.
Staying in a homestay, and your host will share with you an insight into local life that other forms of accommodation that simply can’t offer.

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